AGP (Wales)

As a leader of a Wales-based business you’ll know this programme is for you if:

  • You and your business are primed and ready for your next £2m+ strategic growth move, but you’re not sure how to get there.
  • You’re totally committed to growing your business exponentially, even internationally, but you need specialist support in mitigating the risks and overcoming the critical obstacles on your path.
  • You recognise that you could achieve faster and more sustainable growth if you were supported by a Coach who had successfully assisted other businesses like yourself to scale, but where do you find them and how can you afford them?
  • You accept that the team that got you here won’t necessarily get you there. You want to access support to up-skill yourself and develop your team quickly, but where do you go?
  • You know you must start networking in different circles with key funding partners, high net worth individuals and other highly ambitious business leaders just like you, but where and how?

Sound familiar?

Is the Accelerated Growth programme for you as it’s not for everyone? This highly specialist and bespoke service can only be made available to a small percentage of Wales-based businesses who fulfil the accelerated growth programme criteria.

To be accepted on the programme, your business must be based in Wales, have fewer than 250 employees and be able to demonstrate you have the potential to:

  • Grow turnover with at least 20% year on year or for a younger organisation to achieve a minimum growth of £2m turnover over 3 years.
  • Generate at least 10 new jobs within 3 years, a proportion of which are above average salary for Wales.
  • Start or grow your ability to unlock opportunities in international markets that are ripe for growth.
  • Pre-start and new ventures are accepted but they must start trading within 12 months and be looking to achieve growth at the levels outlined above.

This programme is exclusively targeted at high growth organisations who want to enter the next growth phase and have the potential and determination to get there.

How could the AGP (Wales) benefit you?

One-to-one Coaching and Consulting from a team of highly experienced and proven high growth entrepreneurs.

Learn from like-minded people who have been on a similar growth journey, often in your sector. The work packages will focus on the specific growth constraints your organisation faces right now.

Professional Advisory Services

Access to legal, IP, manufacturing, finance, IT, HR, marketing advice and practical support to overcome tactical growth challenges.

Management development

Through a programme of master classes, either one-to-many offsite or one-to-few onsite to up-skill yourself and your team in the latest business scaling techniques.

Access the full suite of Welsh Government support

Ensure you benefit from all that’s available from the Welsh Government, including grants and people development programmes

Exclusive deals

Our Gold Partners like KPMG, Seedrs, Santander and Capital Law have discounted members-only deals: focused assistance to grow faster and stronger for longer.

Membership of a community

Join with like-minded ambitious entrepreneurs with peer-to-peer learning, networking, trading opportunities and learning journeys to Silicon Valley.

How much does the AGP cost?

Your contribution will depend on the age of your organisation. You pay an annual membership fee (paid in arrears) which commences at the end of the first year.